28. ICPP Workshops 1999: Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan

Proceedings of the 1999 International Workshop on Parallel Processing, 21-24 September, 1999, Wakamatsu, Japan. IEEE Computer Society, online publication: http://computer.org/proceedings/icpp/0353/0353toc.htm

International Workshop on Group Communication (IWGC)

Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

Distributed and Collaborative Applications

Improving Quality-of-Service

International Workshop on Collaboration and Mobile Computing (IWCMC)

Collaboration and Communication

Information Sharing

Mobile Communication and Computing

International Workshop on Security (IWSEC)

Theoretical Issues I

RSA and Signature Issues


Theoretical Issues II

International Workshop on Internet (IWI)

DNS and Mobility


Traffic and Security

Measurement and Management

International Workshop on Parallel Computing'99 (IWPC'99)



Distributed Computing

International Workshop on Parallel Execution on Reconfigurable Hardware (PERH)

Applications I

Applications II

International Workshop on Industrial Applications on Network Computing (INDAP)

Electronic Commerce

Network Applications

Support Environments

International Workshop on Multimedia Network Systems (MMNS)

Mobile Systems

Multimedia I

Object-Based Systems

System Architecture


Internet I


Internet II


Multimedia II